Online Folk Choir

The Dulwich Folk Choir  have been singing folk songs together for 9 years. 

Over that time more than 100 people have been in involved in the choir. 

In order to keep rehearsing and meeting during this time we are now running online via Zoom. This means you can join too, from where ever you are. If you are having your dinner or in your PJ's you can choose attend video free! ​


If you would like to take part

please fill out the form on the contact page and you will be sent a Zoom Room link to attend.

The online format will be:

1. Warm up and Techniques

2. Song learning and harmonies

3. If there is time...a short Sing-a-round for those who would like to strut their stuff... (from their sitting room)


Download Zoom - its free...


If you are in a position to donate towards online costs and content creation that would be fabulous!

A regular choir session costs £5 but if you are struggling economically at this time, then please just donate what you can afford - if its nothing then thats ok!